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    Syrian Conflict


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    Syrian Conflict Empty Syrian Conflict

    Post  Maloy on Mon May 28, 2012 1:52 am

    Now if you have been on Youtube or watched the News you know their is a constant amount of harassment upon us Modern society civilians to support war in Syria. So, should we support war? Is the Assad regime really as bad as it appears? Are there other motivations for our government wanting to intervene?

    Well, it has been leaked from government files onto the internet, that our government and our allies has funded both non-violent and militant organizations in Syria to overthrow the current regime.

    It has also been reported that their are many terrorist cells in Syria now who are representing "foreign interests" no other information is availible.

    The FSA and other Syrian groups who want to overthrow the regime do not want our intervention, why? Because, to intervene not only do we have to overthrow the current government but we have to establish(at least temporarily) our own government there to manage things, and the Syrians know full well that if we occupy there is a good chance they will never be free.

    The Assad Regime has ordered its people to only respond to protests when their is violence(often they respond with extreme violence of their own)

    Now, in summary, this is a game being played out for control of Syria. Factions are fighting to dominate and control it, our country being one of those factions. If you truly want to help the Syrian people, do not support intervention, also support government reform.

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