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    The Legitimacy of Media Mind-Control claims


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    The Legitimacy of Media Mind-Control claims Empty The Legitimacy of Media Mind-Control claims

    Post  Maloy on Sun May 27, 2012 11:33 pm

    Their are frequent claims made from all corners of our society that the media uses its influence to make its viewers both ignorant and open to seditious ideas. Now, lets try to analyze this.

    First, where do the majority of us get our news? Media sources

    Alright, next, where do we get our cultural identity? This question is more easily contested, but it always comes back to the media for all sources of cultural education in our society come from the media. That includes your education, as the media uses its ability to make you notice things to impact your schools curriculum.

    Where do we learn of threats? Again, that is the media, if they did not want you to be aware of a threat, you would not be aware.

    Now, lets look at the medias typical broadcasts.

    Normally they will waste your time with pointless segments about new shoes or weightloss tips.

    When they do get on an important issue, they normally present it in a biased manner. All of these presentations contradict one another, and a person who believes the media will be left contradicting themselves and under constant unrest as they try to sort it out, but never do.

    The amount of information inevitably leans towards leftist ideas though. Which is essentially:

    Government needs more power
    Everyone must be equal in every way
    If it feels good it is good
    The government needs to take care of me
    Religious ideas have no place in modern society
    I need to focus on me
    Corporations are evil, and gained their money through malicious means

    Now, if you do not believe this simply watch several different news channels for a few weeks, and you will notice this same trend.

    Please, do note as well. When you are told something that you have never heard from the media or a source influenced by them your immediate thought is "That is crazy!" That is because that is also what they influence upon you. They teach you from an early age that nothing that comes from either the media or one of its influenced sources can not be trusted and is dangerous.

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