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    History of the Guardians of Realm I Empty History of the Guardians of Realm I

    Post  Maloy on Sat Apr 07, 2012 12:14 am

    The revival of non-member clans and tactical warfare:
    This game is boring. Its people are boring. This is what I thought as I walked across the non-member zones of Runescape. This game had nothing fun to it, all you did was either fight monsters or go player-killing which was repetitive. Not that fighting players in itself was boring, but the limits, two players in the best gear they can afford with packs full of food, it was DULL. This game had so much potential, yet it was never exploited!

    I stopped all of a sudden deep in thought; Yes, it was boring, and if I had reached this conclusion then others will have too, perhaps we CAN make it interesting. Visions crossed my mind of warfare, fighting control for the world, masses of players crashing into one another, professional war! Yet, where to start? Well, an army needs to be both armed and well funded. Yes, a corporation first! Their have been several of those on Runescape. Groups of players who dominate a specific market to make a large amount of money and distribute it amongst the whole. With this we could make a enough money to outfit an army.....

    I began in Lumbridge which had a constant through traffic of both new players and broke players who had just died in combat somewhere, I advertised "recruiting for corporation! Make tons of money get rich!" I loathed doing this kind of work, but if I was to be leader, I would have to carry my own weight, but it certainly payed off, people came in droves, they all bored as I am and interested in making money!

    I gave them ranks in the clan chat which had just come out a week before and set them to work gathering minerals and a couple smithing them into useful armor and weapons. I gave everyone a recruit rank to start, if people got high ranks without work, they would not work at all! I began asking for guards for future missions to get the mineral resources in the wilderness. This received a lot of attention, just about every recruit wanting to be one! Just imagine! Fighting off players and monsters, defending the weaponless workers as they get resources, glory for the man who succeeds! It was irresistible for most.

    In fact, I received so many guards, I had to consider throwing out the corporation idea and going straight into making a kingdom. I had two individuals help, Talon and his friend Bmac who he recruited. They harvested massive amounts of ore that we stock-piled and worked for our organization from the time they were on until they logged off, they quickly ascended ranks.

    When, we were forced to become a Kingdom a few did not like it, they had enjoyed working and the prospect of profit, but the majority wanted bloodshed and glory! FINALLY, this dull dull game would provide entertainment! To be remembered forever as you crushed the wild and foolish players who preyed upon others in the wilderness.

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