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    Post  craigr34 on Tue Feb 14, 2012 6:13 pm

    this is the official area for the elites of GOR but you must pass 3 trials to be an elite before you get a mission when you have completed the trials and passed you will have one of 3 missions to choose from:

    sabotage - we send you in to make clan members turn on each other insight a rebellion and any other things what may fall into this.

    spying/scouting - you get sent into an enemy clan and try and learn what the enemy is planning what kind of troops they have got and you might give the enemy some misleading information.

    assassinations - we send you to kill an enemy leader or a high ranking target to show the enemy how powerful we are and demoralize the enemy when they figure out one of their high ranking guys just got owned by one of us.

    if you are an elite make a reply to this thread on what you want and your rank and i will will grant you this mission and what clan you will be destroying or person you are killing good luck elites make this clan proud.

    craigr34: rank - master of elites

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