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    Codex of G.O.R

    Post  Maloy on Mon Dec 12, 2011 2:55 pm

    This thread shall contain general information on our clan and how we perform our duties.

    Consider it a guide on how to reach success.


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    Post  Maloy on Mon Dec 12, 2011 3:02 pm

    War is a double-edged sword, while it massively advances many different areas of society, it ultimately lowers the standards of humanity.

    War in Runescape is used for respect, land, power, etc. It has many different uses, and Runescape would be much weaker in its player base without it.

    It is also the ultimate challenge, NPC's perform the same attacks in repetition, players are less predictable. They are the ultimate challenge to kill, for we train, build armies, use tricks, and more to achieve victory, making the title of the Best player-killer, one that ever changes hands.

    Our clan unofficially holds the title of being the best at destroying other clans, no clan has ever killed more then us, or done it as efficiently. Our clans very nature makes us vampiric, we feast upon other clans destruction making us stronger.

    Many of our former enemies are now clan members or are active pawns of our clan.


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    Battle Strategy

    Post  Maloy on Mon Dec 12, 2011 3:21 pm

    Most clans tend to have the same strategy of, everyone gets together into a mob and attacks the enemy. If both clans do that then it is simply a slugging fest, that can get boring and inefficient. Our clan has several general strategies for warfare, we keep them generalized and add details depending on who we are dealing with. This also keeps us unpredictable, which is invaluable in the rare cases we deal with an intelligent enemy.

    It is a one chance battle, if you die you are out for the rest of the battle, and so,we encourage you to not throw yourselves at the enemy unless the strategy dictates it.

    Surgical Execution
    This strategy is used for when the enemy is either equal in power or weaker then us, we quickly remove the enemies best men, it is suggested you accomplish this as quickly as possible to strike at enemy morale. Then once their dead we can slaughter the remaining enemy at our leisure.

    The faster this is done the harder the enemy morale is hit, and they are less likely to ask for a rematch. Also, If you notice your own men dying quickly pile onto the enemy that is attacking him, having less casualties assists with the morale.

    Morale Breaker
    This is used if the enemy is superior to us. In such cases we must rely on illusions to give us opportunities to strike. We quickly hit all the weakest enemies and kill as many as possible, seeing their numbers going down some are likely to panic providing easy kills.

    It is recommended that you have some of your best men get into combat with their best to take off the pressure.

    If the strategy is not enough to break the enemy, you can apply one of the other strategies on the list.

    Knockout 1v1
    Occasionally, we use maps that are either partially or entirely made for 1v1 combat only. Such maps actually offer even more strategical and tactical options then normal ones.

    Cornered Snake
    If our enemy is considerably stronger then us, this strategy provides a means. Quickly pull all men to one spot on the map, it is better if they have their backs to a wall or unreachable area too. Have everyone get very close together in the 1v1 zone, and stay close, some even standing over each other.

    When the enemy comes, it is suggested you have your men have ranged or mage gear on hand, they do not have to be skilled, have them shoot someone they can handle, this is to prevent the enemies best troops, who are normally equipped with ranged equipment, from hitting you and then making it so you have to fight them.

    Once people are grabbed in, the fighting commences, some people on your side will be ignored if you have clustered together enough, and so, if someone is losing their battle they can quickly run away, making it so, one of the others without a battle can come in and help. If the enemy does not have superior numbers you can drag enemies outside of the 1v1 zone and pile them.

    Avoid going to the enemies portal, unless you are vastly superior, instead hold a position at either the center or your own portal. At the center you can hold the line, while also allowing men to sneak behind the enemy.

    Hammer and Anvil
    Have men stand in the center and hold the line, as the enemy advances on these center troops, have others sneak around behind and come down like a hammer, stuck between two forces, they are likely to panic and do something stupid.

    This strategy can also be used in Kill-Count, when the enemy is crushed between your two forces, your line has actually just been advanced up to where the hammer-force was standing when they began to kill the enemy. So, doing this and other strategies in repetition slowly advances you to the enemy portal.

    Kill-count is a continuous battle, allowing players to re-enter the battle after they have died, the goal is to reach a certain number of kills before the enemy does. Morale is a deadly enemy in this battle, most players hardly pay attention to whats going on, and only look at a few things, if you can affect a few things you can devastate their morale.

    This is a strategy that can be used for any situation in kill-count. Your main focus is to mass pile the weakest enemies, working your way up from there, if you are fighting someone decently tough, and notice a new weak enemy, pull off and kill them. It is advised that you have a few of your best act as distractions, getting into combat with their best. Unless they are easy kills it is suggested that you only distract them, otherwise they are likely to catch onto the ruse after dying a few times. This strategy destroys their morale, as they see themselves soundly losing

    This strategy also has long-term consequences outside the battlefield. The weakest enemies tend to either become bitter towards us or towards their clan and will either join us or swear revenge. Mid-levels and high levels tend to get targeted the least, but still defeated, you will likely get new recruits from these ranks.

    In kill-count the portal provides troops for both sides, and so, the closer you are to your own portal, the quicker reinforcements reach you.
    By this logic, a frequently used strategy by many clans is to wait at their own portal.

    You wait for the enemy to come to you, you never charge first in this situation, once they reach you, you should turn the momentum, getting ahead on kills the enemy will naturally thin out, if you are getting ahead a good bit on kills, then push forward past enemy line, eventually you may reach a point where you are equal in kills, when that happens, pull back slightly, making it appear like they are winning momentum, otherwise they will pull back too.

    In some cases you will push them back to their own portal, this is hard on their morale, but it is also hard for you to maintain that position, you must find your own balance between morale and kills.

    Kill-Count 1v1
    While a very long, tedious, and generally undesirable type of battle, 1v1 kill-count is still frequently used and strategies must be prepared for the possibility of its use.

    Pull back to the 1v1 zone, preferably your own portal. Bunch up, much like a boxer does, your attackers(fists) pulled in to take the brunt of the attack. When the enemy reaches you it shall primarily be just like a boxing match, throwing punches at each other, then quickly pulling back in.

    How this works is you send men out of the 1v1 zone to pile the enemy, then quickly pull back in before they are piled on. If your men are close to death, instruct them to run, so, that others will be able to assist them. You can also have men come and hit the enemy from the side, in a swing. The enemy may pull back, it is your decision how to respond, if they are a good deal stronger, then it is suggested to just hold position until they charge again.


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    Tactics of G.O.R

    Post  Maloy on Mon Dec 12, 2011 10:39 pm

    If your enemy has a superior strategy, then have superior tactics

    This is used primarily in multi-combat zones, but can be applied to 1v1. The idea is to quickly pile the enemies best troops, eliminating them as quickly as possible. Once that is done quickly pile several mid-level enemies, once this is done pick them apart at your leisure.

    Have your best men get into combat with their best, the idea is to not kill them, but distract, keep them busy as long as possible. The rest of your men should pile the enemy from weakest to strongest, essentially cutting the softest meat out to the toughest.

    This requires information on your enemy, and is best if you have operatives trained to do this during the battle.
    Have men attack the enemies most powerful troops or its high ranks depending on the situation. All those who seem to have commanding abilities or destructive ones, pick them off then let the enemy move as a headless snake.

    The way we stand affects how our enemies decide to attack and who, we try not to keep it to detailed as everyone must adjust based upon their own situation

    Phalanx: This strategy is rarely used anymore, as our enemies have become more and more powerful. In the Phalanx we all pack together, becoming hard to identify individuals, our enemy is forced to either take the time to find the weakest man or click and attack the strongest. This should only be used if you are positive your enemy does not posses Ancients, or any other type of soldier who can hit multiple enemies at once.

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    Post  Maloy on Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:11 pm

    Their IS purpose in this life. Their is the purpose we are born with, the one we are given by others, and the ones we make for ourselves. It is our decision as to what purposes we uphold.

    As Individuals:
    We seek to constantly advance ourselves and make ourselves better without compromising our morals or loyalty.

    We seek to make ourselves invaluable to this world, and to our brothers and sisters.

    We seek honesty amongst each other.

    We seek righteous vengeance, our enemies tithe taken in pain

    We follow our instincts, as warriors.

    We will master Body, Mind, and Soul.

    As a Clan:
    We seek to reclaim our old empire in Runescape.

    We seek to expand our power and glory.

    We seek to provide everyone the chance to achieve glory and power.

    We will be the best.

    As an Organization:
    We seek to prepare for the trials to come.

    We seek to provide everyone the opportunity to choose what to do with their lives.

    We will fight against the oppression to come, and revel in the glorious combat.


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    Post  Maloy on Fri Dec 23, 2011 12:23 am

    All that we expect from you is your loyalty, flexibility, and your perseverance.

    Those who surrender or betray their comrades are not welcome here.

    We fight the world together, too make our place here in this world that would destroy us at first opportunity!

    But, with perseverance, loyalty to one another, and cunning we will outdo all others!


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    Post  Maloy on Fri Dec 23, 2011 12:30 am

    We live for the ultimate challenge. To win battles of both intelligence and steel.

    Fighting npcs and other things of lesser intelligence is only a minor challenge, our true desires lie with the defeating of other people, who are capable of so much.

    To be the best, not for glory or to change things, but because our very instincts demand that we do it!


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    Morale and the Human Mind

    Post  Maloy on Mon Dec 26, 2011 4:09 am

    I have witnessed many battles, where we did not truly begin to lose until one man panicked and led the rest astray.

    Our goal is to affect our enemies so badly, that our very presence breaks their will.

    Morale: Most humans are consumed by emotion, each decision has an undertone of emotion motivating it, so, if you control your enemies emotion, then you control the direction of their actions. If they feel desperate, their actions become subconsciously more desperate, and their fellow soldiers pick up on this and will do the exact same.

    So, by this logic, we must be enigmas to them, we must be incomprehensible, when they see us they must be so, confused that their actions shall contradict themselves. We will find the smallest chink in their mental armor and exploit it to its fullest.

    Belief: We subconsciously shape ourselves based upon our beliefs. Those who believe they are the best will naturally become better, while those who constantly look down on themselves will sink only further and further into the mud. If you wish to win you must put all your belief into it, it can not be something that has to be done, it needs to be something that must be done!

    Tolerance and Satisfaction: Satisfaction leads to decay and stagnation, when we accept how things are we begin to sink once more. For we are ever stuck in quick-sand in this world, and those who stop struggling for freedom of it, will just be dragged back to where they began; suffocating. Always pursue to make things better or things will decay naturally.

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    Re: Codex of G.O.R

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